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Aaron Cronk
Co-operators General Insurance

In the past, Dr. Tawil has looked after veneers for my wife that were initially done by another dentist. My wife was never happy with the veneers but was told that was the best that could be done. One visit to Dr. Tawil changed that. My wife was fitted with veneers that were a perfect match in colour shape and size. What a relief!

One day, while eating, the veneer popped off and was lost. I contacted Dr. Tawil on a Sunday night, not expecting to be replied to until Monday morning. I was encouraged to have a reply later on the Sunday night and to have my wife be at the office, the very next morning, to get things looked after.

She was re-fitted and a new veneer was to be made. In less than 48 hours, a new veneer was in place, my wife was happy that Dr. Tawil had gone above and beyond for us. Obviously, we will continue our visits with Dr. Tawil and will continue to send friends, family members and other referrals to his office.

Thanks Dr. Tawil!

Aaron Cronk, Agent with the Co-operators General Insurance Company

Marta Andrade
Elleseven Design

Did you know that if you dip your dental floss in mouthwash you would have a better plaque-reducing result?
Did you know that rinsing with non-alcoholic mouthwash is better for you?
Did you know brushing to hard or with hard bristles could cause gum reductions?
These are just 3 of the many facts I learned at my 1st apt at Dr. Tawil’s Dentistry!

Not only did I have a thorough cleaning from a very pleasant hygienist and a thorough check up from Dr. T, I was given so much knowledge on how to better care for my teeth and overall health! You can’t be education right?

Thanks to Dr. T and his friendly and informative staff, I no long have to cross my fingers so it won’t hurt or break out into a sweat because I don’t know what’s coming next.

Marta Andrade, Creative Conductor at Elleseven Design

Marco Hernandez
Grade A Techs

I would like to take this opportunity to express, in writing, our satisfaction with the level of professionalism and care that you demonstrated during our recent visit to your practice. My wife and I were long looking for a local dentist after moving to Canada and now I am pleased to tell you that we finally found one.

During the whole process (from booking the appointment with your courteous and diligent assistant Debbie to actually receiving the service) my wife and I, always felt confident and relaxed, even though “relaxed” is probably a work that you normally do not associate with a visit to the dentist.

Thank you Dr. Tawil and we sincerely hope to count on your services for years to come!

Marco Hernandez, Franchisee/Managing Director at Tek It Up Computer Services

Trevor Stooke
Agenda Marketing

I am delighted to write this testimonial for Dr. Tawil, to whom I am almost inexpressibly grateful.

As in most cases, emergencies occur when we least expect them. Such was the case right before our 2 week vacation out of province. My wife’s molar broke which caused her great discomfort and worry as to how she would endure the time away.

Facing this emergency, we called Dr. Tawil’s office after hours, and was surprised to find that the recording specified a cell phone number to reach Jawad. What a relief! We phoned and Jawad promptly answered and helped make arrangements to do his best to solve the problem as quick as possible.

His approach was professional, and he completely made my wife feel at ease as he fixed her tooth. Problem solved and my wife was able to enjoy the vacation as if nothing has happened.

We highly recommend that you seriously consider DR. Tawil for your dental needs. It’s a wonderful feeling that you can completely trust your dentist to make the right decisions, know that he is there for you, accommodate emergencies when they occur (and not when it’s convenient for them), and help make you feel important and comfortable.

Many thanks,

Trevor Stooke, Agenda Marketing

"Dr. Tawil's cosmetic dentistry has made a huge difference in my life. I can't begin to describe the confidence it instilled in me. I'm proud to smile again!"

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