Family Dentistry

A father and son brush their teeth as they look in the mirror
Family Dentistry

Let us take care of your family! Dentistry has changed dramatically in recent years. With modern preventive techniques, advances in anesthesia and many new relaxation techniques, our youngest patients generally love going to the dentist! Their parents, however, still have residual fears. Some common fears are: losing control, pain, needles and certain sounds. We now offer many techniques to help you relax and stay comfortable during treatment. We will discuss which options are best for the particular needs of your family. Bringing your family for regular checkups allows us to catch minor problems before they turn into major ones.

Your Child's First Visit

A commonly asked question is: “When Should my child have their first dental visit?” We suggest between one and three years old. A pre-appointment visit is recommended to familiarize the child. We welcome your children to our office!

"Dr. Tawil's cosmetic dentistry has made a huge difference in my life. I can't begin to describe the confidence it instilled in me. I'm proud to smile again!"

Dr. Jawad Tawil Dentistry